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EXCITING NEWS: Dan and Paula have been appointed as Assemblies of God World Missionaries to JAPAN. Please click the image above to go to our GoJapan.AG website for more information!

I enjoy capturing the beauty of our world around us in pictures. Check out the photo gallery where you can view some of my photos. If you find something you like, you can purchase exquisite prints, canvas, wall hangings in metal or wood, cards, and other items and have them shipped directly to your home or business.

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Life is not only body and soul, but spiritual as well. As a follower of Christ, I am also privileged to serve as an Ordained minister with the Assemblies of God with over 30 years of pastoral ministry.  These are a few of the messages I have shared over the years.
I trust they will be an encouragement to you!

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Professional Development

I am certified to administer a number of professional assessments and offer strategic coaching for individuals or teams.  These assessments include:

  • MBTI - Personality Type Steps I and II with personal and professional applications
  • Customized 12-page Personality Report which includes personalized information on Communication, Conflict, Stress management, Leadership, and other key areas of growth
  • Conflict Management - Assessment and Organizational Seminar
  • TKI Conflict Assessment
  • ESCI - Emotional Intelligence 
  • FIRO-B Leadership 
  • FIRO-B with MBTI Combined 
  • CPI 260 Leadership 
  • Strong Career Assessment

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Plinking on the Piano

I find it enjoyable to play the keyboard.  So, I thought I'd just record while I played... These are not "professional" nor are they multi-track recordings; just me playing around while I relax at the keyboard.  Enjoy!

Voices on the Fly

Your Love Never Fails

As The Deer